The Full Irish Breakfast

A Full Irish Breakfast in Dublin

Purists would say the beans make it A Full English!

The Full Irish is a traditional breakfast in Ireland, similar to The Full English breakfast but there is differences. Nowadays these differences are less obvious as restaurants provide Full breakfasts based on what they think should be in it, or what they think the customer wants.

What is a Full Irish Breakfast?

So what constitutes a Full Irish Breakfast? It depends where you are from in Ireland as there is many different versions of the same dish. Though they all differ, there are some fundamental ingredients that when missing point to a less than Full Irish breakfast, and of course their is some ingredients that when included make people think of the Full English (like the beans in the image above).

Below are a few of the necessary ingredients:

Sausages: It is not a Full Irish without these. Usually made from pork meat their is massive variance in quality when it comes to this ingredient. Ranging from mass produced, which are not always Irish pork, to sausages made in-house by the many excellent butchers dotting the country, their is something to suit everyone´s taste….and budget. With traditional, smoked, free range, organic and a whole array of different recipes, now is a great time to visit Ireland and taste this excellent local produce.

Rashers: Bacon. Cut from different parts of the pig and salted these can make or break a good Full Irish. With all types available in Ireland, hickory, maple, back, smoked, american style etc. The Irish rasher is truly delicious.

Eggs: Well we all know what these are. It the quality seems to be a reflection of how the chicken is a rare breakfast place that does not offer egg in some form or another . Poached, scrambled, fried or apart of another dish (such as French Toast) eggs are a delightful breakfast. Though these days you can get eggs from hens treated in a variety of ways -battery, Free Range, Corn Fed and Organic are just some of the headings they come under and of course there is differences even within these. All in all well treated hens have eggs that taste better, that is of course as long as they are not burnt nor messed up in the all important cooking!!

Black Pudding:

White Pudding:

Potato Farls/Boxty/Potato Pancakes:



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